Berkshire War Memorials

READING - Reading Museum

located on Blagrave St

Reading Museum holds several war memorials in their store - they are put on public display occasionally

Huntley and Palmers (WM5249)
- a general memorial to men who worked at the Biscuit factory and died in WW1

Foreign Section (WM5240)
- to men of the Foreign Section of Huntley and Palmers

Sugar Wafer Section (WM5843)
- to men of the Sugar Wafer Section of Huntley and Palmers

Forbury Oak Peace memorial (WM7024)
- to celebrate Peace Day 19th July 1919

Pulsometer Pumps (WM5218)
Pulsometer Pumps was located at what is now Reading Retail Park at Norcot. The memorial lists men from the factory who fell in WW1 or won honours

St Anne's School (WM5834)
St Anne's school is a Catholic Primary School on Washington Road in Caversham.

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