Berkshire War Memorials

Holy Trinity Church, Windsor - Crimean War

The Crimean War was fought in the period 1854 to 1856 and included the following battles:-

Alma - 20th September 1854
Balaklava 25th October 1854 (which included the Charge of the Light Brigade)
Inkerman 5th November 1854
Sevastopol 8th September 1855

The Brigade of Guards was very much involved and suffered 742 fatalities. Their memorial is the first memorial to record the names of all the casualties

There are also a few individual memorials as well, but to men who survived.

Individual Memorials

Ewart Memorial (WM6343)

To William Salisbury Ewart died 1890 (Photo Steve Rolls)

Wardrop Memorial (WM6359)

To James J Marjoriebanks Wardrop died 1873 (Photo Steve Rolls)

Brigade of Guards (WM5529)

The Crimean War memorial for the Brigade of Guards consists of 146 painted panels arranged around the face of the balcony

The South Side

The West Side

The North Side>

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