Berkshire War Memorials

Holy Trinity Church, Windsor - Egypt and the Nile

The Campaigns in Egypt and the Sudan began in 1882 with a naval bombardment at Alexandria. The campaigns were more about protecting the Suez Canal than any wish to occupy territory and culminated in the Battle of Omdurman in 1898

There are several memorials to men who fought in these campaigns.

1st Regt Life Guards (WM5520)

The names of 15 men who died in 1882

3rd Grenadier Guards (WM5530)

The names of 3 men who died in 1882

2nd Life Guards (WM5523)

The names of 6 men who died in Egypt and the names of 3 men who died in the Nile Campaign (photo Steve Rolls)

Royal Horse Guards (WM5526)

The names of 7 men who died 1882-1885

1st Life Guards (WM5521)

The names of 5 men who died 1884-5 including the C O Frederick Burnaby d 17/1/1885

Clements Memorial (WM6375)

to John Clements d 1884

Pakenham Memorial (WM6375)

to Charles Wellesley Pakenham d 1873 (photo Steve Rolls)

Ranfurley Memorial (WM6364)

In memory of John Stuart, Earl of Ranfurley who died 1874

Rostron Memorial (WM6365)

to James Ashworth Rostron d 1888

Weyland Memorial (WM6197)

to John Weyland d 25/10/1882


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