Berkshire War Memorials

Holy Trinity Church Windsor - African Wars

Britain fought a number of Colonial Wars in Africa in the 19th Century, principally:-

Abyssinia 1868
The Ashanti War (1873-74)
The Zulu War of 1879 which included Isandhlwana 22nd January and Rourke's Drift 22nd & 23rd January.
The First Boer War (1880-1881)
Matabele Wars (1893)

Campbell Memorial (WM6196)

To Ronald George Elidon Campbell died 1879 (Zulu)

Williams Memorial (WM6198)

To Owen Gwynnydd St George Williams died 1893 (Matabele)

Ferguson Memorial (WM6381)

To Victor John Fergus Ferguson Died 1896 (Ashanti)

Hawtrey Memorial (WM6360)

To Montague William Hawtrey Died 1904. (Ashanti) (Photo Steve Rolls)

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